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The second email later gives out my real password which I hardly use now. I think it is a blackmail,but the confusing point for me is that it states out the correct category I visited. I check my laptop, only to find the threat of some activation tools that I had used without any problems. Waiting for earliest reply to relieve me!


I have your password – *63CD6686AA278B820B62C05FF7D2E
I infected your PC via porno website which you visited some time ago with my personal spyware.
I have video of you masturbating(got it from webcam).
I have all of your personal information, contacts and friends lists.
So you pay me 621$ in BitCoin(you can google how to buy it), or I am sending your video(with all your kinky URLs, he-he) to all of your kins and friends.
It’ll be complete disgrace/life ruine.
Wallet: 1PfTJQp9LyzuwzSVDgErYHD6UKftEpxNop

After payment is made, all of your private info will be deleted automatically.
You have 30 hours, I am aware you just read this email, clock is ticking.
Good luck!

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