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I received this email yesterday. Really does make you think about changing passwords and getting a decent VPN.

“Tiсket#500871344 <> 28-10-2018 08:02:22 Now we are really close


You can complain to the police but they will not solve your problem.I dont live in your country.So they can not trace me even for 3 weeks.

Your system was infected by my virus.I had access to your webcam,at the moment you went to the porn web-page.Now I have the video with you,touching your intimate parts.

Your contacts are copied on my disc and if you ask me to keep this secret you have to send 650 $ in bitcoins.

Use this bitcoin address – 1E5hmEg5BsygLGRAeoNGmup2ftDEzbXXJi

(something like a credit card number). I give you 24 hours after clicking on my letter for making the payment.

Bye.Think about the disgrace.”

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