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You can head to the police, but they will not work out your situation.

I am an immigrant, so there is no chance that they find out my whereabouts accurately.

Your computer has been breached by my adaware.

We turned on your PC cam the moment you accessed the erotic site.

I have the record of you touching your private parts.

We also took your contact list, so if you want me to keep this private, you must to remit 600 usd in cryptocurrency.

Use this online wallet number 14i3Qp3VHxHM7KJRK4uVNJ5giiE46SAoLf to pay the sum.

When you reply to this electronic mail, my system will right away send the evidence that I have full control over your device.

So, instantly after your response, you will get fresh funds transfer instructions and you will need to transfer 1,200 $ in place of the initial amount.
Best of luck. Don’t forget about the consequences.

PS. Be quick about it! You have just 24 hours!

I not very fluent in English but I hope you get the point. Sending the money is the only way to prevent it from happening. Dont try any funny stuff, its futile. This email was only used to notify me that you got the message. From China with love.

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