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FROM: Wynona Fritcher <>
SUBJECT: Tiскеt#405311245 <my@email.address> 16/09/2018 07:33:25 We have a video with you)

Hopefully u don’t really mind my english grammar, considering that i am from Indonesia. I infected your device with a virus and im in possession of all of your private data out of your computer system.

It previously was set up on a mature internet page then you have picked the video clip, viewed it, my software quickly got into your computer.

Then, your webcam captured you hand partying, additionally i caught a vid that you’ve viewed.

After a while additionally, it pulled out every one of your device contacts. In case u want me to erase your everything i possess – send me 430 euros in btc it’s a crypto. It’s my account address : 136WC35NBV5r9eF7Cch2bHeYexLPYbVinu

At this moment you will have 28hours. to make a decision The minute i will receive the transaction i’ll eliminate this footage and everything completely. Otherwise, please be sure that your evidence would be sent to all your buddies.

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