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Howdy Friendo Scam

Howdy, friendo.

There is a certain kinky site that you have surfed not long ago.

Sit back though! You are not the first one to get into this clusterfuck, but still you can come out clean.

When you have browsed the web page, your browser downloaded the trojan. It is a pity, I know…

The trojan remembers each thing that you execute on your machine and gets the cookies of sites that you browse.

But the most chief part is that our software turns on your web-cam and gets all your acquaintance list from your online mail. Yes, we’ve got access to your electronic mail and all of your social accounts. You can’t undo this! Truth is, I possess a recording, where you are clearly seen without your clothes and playing with yourself.

If you wish this recording to remain between us, and do not want me to share it with your close ones, associates, peers, on mainstream web pages and publications, or on the Web in general, then there is a chance that we can work it out.

Here is my btc address 12dF3ZnkYEkAPAkKqM1FpLJFaYpWDGCvVn – you must remit 700 USD sum.

Once I check the payment of btc, I will delete the mentioned material, and I will not extort you ever again.

Unless I collect the corresponding sum in 24 hrs starting from this very moment, I will circulate your horrid videos to your loved ones, acquaintances, and colleagues.

Moreover, I will fabricate a meme out of your recordings, and will pass out it on social networks with your face on it.

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