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Soumen mahato

How are you, partner.

There is a specific porno website that you have visited not so long ago.

Ease off though! You are not the first one to get into this pickle, but still you can come out clean.

When you have browsed the site, your browser downloaded the virus. It is regretful, I know…

The virus archives all that you execute on your pesonal computer and copies the cookies of websites that you surf.

But the most considerable part is that our trojan enables your PC cam and gets all your contacts from your mail. Yes, we’ve got access to your e-mail and all of your social accounts. There is no way out! I actually possess a video, where you are clearly seen naked and wanking off.

If you would like this material to remain in secret, and do not want me to share it with your household, acquaintances, peers, on known websites and publications, or on the World Wide Web in general, then there is a thing you can do about it.

Here is the BTC address 13jcLZvr6pqrwtpWFeQQWsmCzgA9Z4BAPM – you must pay 600 USD amount.

Once I check the payment of money, I will delete the corresponding graphic content, and I will not pester you again.

Unless I collect the specified amount within 24 hrs starting from the moment you open this e-mail, I will circulate your secret data to your folks, companions, and fellow workers.

Besides, I will fabricate a graphic out of your private videos, and will hand out it on social networks with your face on it.

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