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Got another one this morning. Similar to the post above


Subject: So many things are independent on us…

Hey [my real name]

I’m without doubt not the person who brags a lot, as a result this would be really brief. You are in deep shit! About a 4 weeks back you were contaminated with my RAT software virus #59624485. And also since then, every single damn morning it was sending me a great deal of interesting information, communication, logs to your social accounts, contact info and the footage from the display screen and the cameras, and the audio from your mic.

Couldn’t actually locate specifically worthwhile info for me, yet was fortunate enough to make some videos that have been captured when you’ve frequented web pages for adults. I wasn’t actually lazy and made a movie where on half of it is the monitor, and on the other a live image from the computer cam. It turned out not terrible in any respect, although I’m not strong at modifying the movies. Whatever the case, I’m confident your relatives and friends will really appreciate it.

However do not dash off to to pick which approach of self-slaughter will be the best option for yourself. This problem can be resolved simply. We’re all human beings and can discuss everything. So: I supply you with the my wallet address, which I created solely for you and within the following 3 days I am going to simply wait for the value of 500 Dollars in it. If I obtain this income – I am going to ignore your existence and erase everything that came along with your system. In any other case, be sure I am going to mail this video to contact information which my virus seen. Possibly I will even do it using your social accounts.

I only recognize btc. In case you have trouble with this currency – you are able to simply find details on the way to use it in Yahoo and google or vimeo.

my account –


I don’t recommend you to get hold of the authorities, cops will not have the ability to find me sooner than the payment due date because I am from another nation, and also take excellent care of my anonymousness. Think hard in advance of you throw away stupid actions, your reputation and further more life rely on it.

Do not try and get in touch with me. I prefer one time email and your reply is just will not be viewed.

Good luck!

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