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I recieved this one this morning from “Victoria White” <“”>

Hey there

Im absolutely not the individual who likes to talk a whole lot, as a result this will be very short. You\’re in deep crap! About a month past you were contaminated with my RAT trojan #57840233. And all this time, each and every fucking morning it had been delivering me a lot of fascinating information, correspondence, access to your social accounts, contact info as well as the images from the screen and the digicam, plus the sound from your mic.

Couldn\’t actually locate notably useful information to me, although was lucky enough to make a few films that have been saved while you\’ve frequented web pages for grownups. I wasn\’t even laid back and built a movie exactly where on one half of it is the display, and on the other a live image from the cam. It ended up not bad in anyway, though I am certainly not good at editing the videos. Regardless, Im confident your relatives and associates will really be thankful.

But do not run to pick which approach of committing suicide is going to be the best option for yourself. This issue can be sorted simply. We\’re all human beings and can negotiate. So: I supply you with the my wallet address, which I made exclusively for you and in the following 5 days I will simply wait for the sum of 300 bucks inside it. When I get this money – I will ignore your living and remove all the information that came with your unit. If not, be certain I will deliver this material to all contacts which my software seen. Maybe I will even get it done using your accounts.

I only accept btc (cryptocurency). If you could have problem with this currency – you are able to simply find details on how to use it in Research engines or dailymotion or whatever.

this account –


I do not suggest you to make contact with the police, cops will not manage to locate me faster than the settlement deadline since I\’m from foreign nation, and in addition take excellent care of my anonymousness. Think twice prior to you throw away stupid actions, your status and further existence depend on it.

Don\’t try to message me. I use 1-time email and your reply is simply will not be delivered.

All the best!

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