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You should not mind on my illiteracy, I am from France
I have stuffed the virus at your system.

From that moment I’ve stole all personal information of your system. Along with that I have certain delicate data. Possibly the most interesting and entertaining data which I’ve stole – it’s a record with your genital masturbation. I adapted malware on a porn web-site and soon after you loaded it. As soon as you made up your mind with the clip and clicked on a play icon, my malicious soft quickly installed itself on your system. After tuning, your cam recorded the videotape how you were self-abusing, besides it remembered precisely the mature video filesyou masturbated on. In next day or two my programcumulated all your personal and workcontacts.

If your goal is to erase the files – pay me 450 euro in BTC (cryptocurrency).

I provide you my Btc number – 15X612GcRJASPSdAYmQfBg3fLMKtbXVZcn

You have twenty four hours after viewing. After i receive payment I will erase the record immediately.
In other case I will broadcast the tape to each of your co-workers and buddies.

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