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“from: Alonzo Curry <>

xxxxxx is one of your personal password and I won’t beat around the bush. You don’t know anything about me but I know you very well and you must be wondering why you’re receiving this email, correct?

I installed malware on sex video clips (pornographic material) and there’s more, you visited this adult website to have fun (know what I mean?). And when you got busy watching those videos, your browser began operating as a RDP (Remote Computer) that has a backdoor which provided me accessibility to your device as well as your web cam access. After that, my software gathered all your contacts from your social networks, as well as mailbox.

Exactly what did I do?
It’s simply your bad luck that I am aware of your misadventures. I then invested in more time than I probably should have looking into your personal life and made a split view videotape. First part shows the recording you were viewing and second part displays the view from your web camera (it is you doing naughty things). Actually, I’m ready to destroy all about you and let you get on with your life. And my goal is to present you two options that may accomplish your freedom. These two option is either to turn a deaf ear to this e mail (not recommended), or pay me 0.9 BTC to finish this chapter for life.

Exactly what can you do?
Let’s examine those two options in more detail. First Option is to turn a deaf ear my message. You should know what will happen if you pick this path. I will definately send out your video recording to your contacts including relatives, co-workers, and many others. It does not protect you from the humiliation your family will feel when family and friends discover your unpleasant sextape from me. Wise choise is to make the payment of 0.9 BTC. We’ll call this my “confidentiality charges”. Lets discuss what happens if you opt this path. Your dirty secret remains your secret. I will keep my mouth mum. After you make the payment, You can freely go on with your daily life and family that nothing ever occurred. You will make the payment via Bitcoins

Amount to be sent: 0.9 BTC
BTC ADDRESS IS: 19amnWXQmyeLQC5vRewga1nJuF7jXRoi7d

Important: You have one day to make the payment. (I have a special pixel in this email message, and now I know that you’ve read this e mail). If I don’t get the Bitcoin, I will, no doubt send your sextape to all of your contacts including family members, colleagues, and so on. however, if I receive the payment, I will destroy the sextape immediately. If you want proof, reply with “yes!” and I will send out your video to your 14 contacts. It’s a non negotiable one time offer, so please don’t waste my time & yours by responding to this message.”

Side note: Does anyone know anything or anyone who knows anything about tracing emails to their source? I already reported this to the Bureau of Cyber Crimes here in the US. I know it’s a long shot but I would really like to see some of these pieces of shit prosecuted for attempted extortion. Sorry for anyone that has gone through this, it is quite

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