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My reply will probably be lost in the tons of other replies, but I have a few clues that confirms it is a scam. At this time, I’m still under the 24 hours countdown. Heart was pounding, then not, then yes, and then I shook my head while I ROFL’d. Below the clues, is the email I got.

  • I use several email addresses (about 25, on my own domain), this one isn’t on my phone, isn’t the one I use in my contact entry, it’s an address for forums.
  • The recipient is an email address I used to use for a bitcoin forum, and after the site hosting it started selling email addresses to partners, I got a few spams. This fake blackmail came after, so it’s obvious to me.
  • On my computer, I disabled the webcam in the bios. And just in case, I also blocked it on the OS level, by blacklisting the linux kernel module.
  • On my phone, my browser doesn’t have access to the camera, as I blocked it on the OS level (CyanogenMod).
  • Also blocked the audio.
  • And blocked the list of contacts (which isn’t sync’d to anything).

So if this is real, I’d be very, very surprised.


I hope u will not mind my english grammar, since i’m from Germany. I contaminated your device with a trojan and now have your personal data out of your computer system.

It previously was established on a mature page then you have chosen the online video and clicked on it, my application immediately got into your os.

And then, your camera documented you soloing, on top of that i captured a movie that you have viewed.

Soon after a while additionally, it picked up all your device contact list. If you happen to want me to remove your all that i possess – give me 420 eu in bitcoin its a crypto. It’s my btc account transfer address : 1GGWJZGxSbv1aT39EpcApuRNQxAkUsPSUT

Now you have 24 hrs. to produce a decision Immediately after i will receive the transfer i’ll wipe out this video and everything entirely. In any other case, you should remember that this video is going to be submitted to all of your buddies.

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