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I got this yesterday evening…

Just got few issues to resolve with you [my name], won’t take to much time, for you to go through and will surely get ur awareness. How would u really feel whenever all your family members or pals will see you taking proper care of your self? How will they feel is the proper question.

You see exactly where I am going with this one already? I have poisoned particular adult internet sites using my virus that steals all info from the system and obtains an easy access to it’s web cameras, and tons more. Therefore today i have a video clip of you doing ur stuff and a video u jerked to, plus all your contact info.

It is ur job email address, that Ive seen on your device by the way.

Oh yeah, I’ve additionally edited the video clip to fit on one screen, therefore it will be much more relaxing to view for anyone. Anyway- if you need me to delete all your contact info with the video clip, here is my btc payment address: 14r2VJo8xFY7iQ8inuG3BfXUuUU5s6fPw7

just make sure u will not copy no spaces or other symbols. U can quickly find the details on the internet on the best way to use this payment method if you do not know how to. 450 is the total in dollars i require to leave you alone forever.

This message has hidden tracking tool inside and i will be aware of when you will read it, and from that minute on, you will be provided with 3 days, to makeup your mind.

i guarantee that every single contact from your address book will see this video, if perhaps for some reason i will not obtain my cash.
You can make contact with ur localized authorities or anyone, i doubt it might help.

I’m a bit more comforted that many people get them, but they did figure out my name…

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