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Got this this evening. Semi-similar to some others. What’s scary is they addressed me by name and sent it to my work email. But no actual proof was attached, like a screenshot or the actual video. Kind of scary!

Subject: What will you choose

Just got couple of issues to resolve with you [NAME], will not take too long, for u to go through and can undoubtedly get your awareness. Exactly how would you really feel if all ur relatives or buddies will witness u taking proper care of yourself? How would they truly feel is the appropriate dilemma.

See where I’m going with this one? poisoned a number of adult internet sites with a virus that steals all data from the machine and obtains an easy access to it’s web cams, and a lot more. Therefore at this point i have a video clip of you mastrubating and a video u jerked to, additionally all your personal contact info.

It is your work e-mail, that I’ve seen on your personal ps by the way.

Oh yeah, I have also modified a video to fit on a single display screen, so it is going to be much more relaxing to enjoy for everybody. Anyway- if u need me to get rid of all ur contact information with the video, here is my bitcoin wallet address – 1LDCG4obivgeuC2AjroqxyBFXcUcVQn7Mh

make sure u won’t include no spaces or some other symbols. You can easily get the details on the net on how you can use this payment method if you do not know how to. 350 is the amount in bucks i require to leave you on your own forever.

This e-mail has invisible monitoring program within and i will be aware of when you are going to read it, and from that moment on, you’ll be provided with 3 days, to makeup ur mind.

I guarantee that each contact coming from your list will see this video, if perhaps for some reason i won’t see my funds.
U are welcome to get in contact with ur nearby cops or anyone, i doubt that it will help.

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