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Got one this morning:
from: Olivia Hernandez <“”>

Subject line: You mustn’t do thoughtless things

Have couple of questions for you [my real name], won’t take very long, for you to read and will undoubtedly take your attention. How would u truly feel if all ur family members or friends will see you taking care of your own self? How will they feel is the proper question.

See where I’m going with this one already? infected a number of porn internet sites with a malware that rips off all information from your system and obtains an easy access to it’s web cams, and a lot more. And so now i have a video clip of you mastrubating and a clip u wanked to, as well as all your contact information.

That is your work address, which I have found on your ps btw.

Oh yeah, I have additionally modified the video clip to fit on one display screen, therefore it is going to be a lot more comfortable to view for anyone. Anyways- if you want me to delete all your contact info with the movie itself, this is my BTC payment address: 18hytYB5QjjcikiW39GoU2axMQfFYtsLzX

just make sure u won’t include no spaces or other symbols. You can quickly get the information on the web on how you can use this payment method if you have no clue how to. 550 is the sum in bucks i need to leave you alone completely.

This letter has invisible tracking tool within and i will know when you will check it, and from that minute on, you will receive 2 days, to make up your mind.

I promise that every single contact coming from your list will see this footage, in case for whatever reason i will not obtain my funds.
U are welcome to get in touch with your local cops or whoever, i doubt that this may help.

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