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XXXX is your secret password and now I will cut to the chase. You don’t know anything about me however I know you and you must be thinking why you’re receiving this mail, correct?

I actually setup malware on porn videos (sexually graphic) & you know what, you visited this adult website to have pleasure (if you know what I mean). When you were busy watching videos, your internet browser initiated functioning as a RDP (Remote Desktop) having a keylogger which provided me accessibility to your system and your web cam recordings. Immediately after that, the software program collected your complete contacts from your messenger, social networks, and mailbox.

Exactly what did I do?
It’s just your hard luck that I noticed your misadventures. Later I put in more time than I probably should’ve looking into your data and created a split view video. First part shows the recording you had been viewing and other part displays the view of your web camera (its someone doing dirty things). Wholeheartedly, I am willing to forget about you and let you get on with your life. And I am about to present you two options which will make it happen. These two choices are either to disregard this letter (bad for you and your family), or pay me 0.1 BTC.

Exactly what should you do?
Let us explore those two options in depth. First Alternative is to turn a deaf ear my email. Let’s see what is going to happen if you choose this option. I will definately send out your sextape to all your contacts including family members, colleagues, and so forth. It won’t save you from the humiliation your self will ought to feel when relatives and buddies discover your sordid sextape from me. Wise option is to send me 0.1 BTC. We will name this my “keep the secret fee”. Now let me tell you what happens if you go with this option. Your little secret Will remain your secret. I’ll destroy the sextape. Once you send the payment, I will let you continue on with your life and family like none of this ever happened. You’ll make the transfer through Bitcoins

Amount to be sent: 0.1 BTC
My BTC Address: 1CG6cvWMooWFkQSaS5mn2GrVaygJizAVas

Note: You now have one day in order to make the payment. (I have a special pixel within this email, and right now I know that you’ve read through this message). If I do not receive the BitCoins, I will, no doubt send your sextape to all of your contacts including members of your family, coworkers, and so on. having said that, if I do get paid, I’ll destroy the video immediately. If you want evidence, reply with “yes!” and I will certainly send your videotape to your 9 friends. It is a non negotiable one time offer, thus please do not ruin my personal time and yours by replying to this message.

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