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received nearly the same email just now:

lincoln1 is one of your Password. Let me get straight to the point. You don’t know me however I now know alot about you and you’re probably wondering why you’re receiving this e-mail, correct?

The truth is, I installed malware on porn video clips (sexually graphic) & there’s more, you accessed same adult website to experience fun (if you know what I mean). While you were busy watching video clips, your device initiated working as a RDP (Remote Computer) with a keylogger which allowed me access to your device as well as your camera access. Immediately after that, the software collected your complete contacts from facebook, as well as mailbox.

What have I done?
It’s just your bad luck that I accessed your misadventures. Later I invested in more days than I probably should’ve digging into your life and prepared a two view sextape. First half displays the recording you had been viewing and second half shows the view from your web camera (its you doing inappropriate things)

What can you do?
Actually, I’m ready to delete everything about you and let you move on with your daily life. And I am about to offer you a way out that will achieve it. Those two choices are either to turn a deaf ear to this letter (bad for you and your family), or pay me $3200. Let’s investigate above two options in more details.

Option 1 is to turn a blind eye to this message. Let’s see what is going to happen if you opt this path. I will certainly send out your video to your contacts including relatives, coworkers, and many others. It does not save you from the humiliation you and your family will need to feel when friends and family discover your dirty sextape from me.
Option 2 is to make the payment of $3200. We will call it my “keep the secret tip”. let me tell you what happens when you opt this way out. Your dirty secret remains your secret. I’ll destroy the sextape. Once you make the payment, You can freely keep your daily life and family as if none of this ever happened.

You’ll make the transfer via Bitcoins (if you don’t know this simply type “how to purchase bitcoin” in search engine)
My BTC Address: 1MNg265e7JnvvB3sbPgLXZwHC4Xg4GHwaY
(It is cASe sensitive, so copy and paste it carefully)

Note: You now have one day in order to make the payment. (I’ve a special pixel in this message, and right now I know that you have read this e mail). DO NOT TELL anybody what you would be utilizing the bitcoin for or they possibly will not give it to you. The process to obtain bitcoins can take a short time so do not delay.
If I don’t receive the Bitcoin, I will send out your sextape to all of your contacts including members of your family, co-workers, and so forth. having said that, if I receive the payment, I will erase the video immediately. If you want to have evidence, reply with “yes!” and I will certainly send your sextape to your 14 contacts. It is a non-negotiable one time offer, so do not waste my time and yours by responding to this message.

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