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also received one today. A slightly different version

Wish you actually will not really mind my english sentence structure, because im from Indonesia. I toxified your machine with a trojan and now have all of your private info out of your operating system.

It previously was mounted on a mature webpage and then you\’ve picked the video and clicked on it, my program instantly got into your computer.

Next, your webcam recorded you soloing, besides i captured a video that you have looked at.

Just after a while furthermore, it picked up all of your social contact info. In case u would like me to clear off your all that i have got – transmit me 890 dollars in bitcoin it\’s a crypto-currency. This is my btc account transfer address – 18jBMoubWFmzURS1Y72zK32x7Dp6vpcxtb

At this moment you have 21hours. to produce a decision As soon as i will get the transaction i\’ll get rid of this video and everything thoroughly. In any other case, please be sure that your evidence would be forwarded to your contacts.

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