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I received an email from a ‘Mr Unknown’ with the subject heading ‘Your privacy has been compromised.’
Here is the email…
hello ,

what I am about to tell you is a very important matter that concern you so please read this text carefully .

I have succeeded in installing a malware in certain porn websites , sadly you visited one of them .

the malware function is when you run a video from the porn site you device camera will start recording ,It is fortunate that i have acquired a

video of yourself masturbating ,the malware also infect you device and has successfully grabbed all your contacts details:”family ,friends etc…”.

I have additionally edited the video to fit on a single screen therefore it will be a lot more easy to view for everyone.

Now Let’s Talk about Business :”if you want me to delete your video clip and to not send it to all your contacts details you need to transfer 250$ to the following Bitcoin wallet address”


make sure you send the correct amount to the adress specified ,after i receive the payment i will delete your video and your contacts details.

if you don’t send the money please bear consequences of your action. This letter has hidden monitoring tool inside and I will know when you will check it, and from that minute on, you will be given Five days, to makeup your mind

ps:if you want to contact me send message to icq:721906250
ps:if you don’t have icq account just create one on it very easy


Obviously at first it hit me like a tonne of bricks as I did honk my horn to a lovely Swedish lady a couple of days prior to receiving this email. But I kept my cool and researched the email. This is where I came across this great site. I will never visit those sites again and I’ve ordered a camera cover too.
I thought I would share this to put other folk’s minds at rest. I had a couple of days of anxiety, but then I realised, if they did have a video of me shaking hands with the governor of love, then surely they would have at least put a frame grab image in with the email as proof?!
I still wouldn’t of paid anyway. Yes it would be horrifically embarrassing, but it’s a perfectly natural thing to do. Everyone on the planet has a go now and again. Some more than others. But I would have just sent out an email to everyone apologising for the incident and explaining the extortion attempt.
Luckily this didn’t happen.
I hope this puts other minds at rest.

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