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I received one today, after having downloaded somehow a falcon named application. Currently, i have deleted all related products of the virus, but i received this email before having done so.

While you were feeling yourself in front ofyour device screen when you attended pornography Internet site yours portable computer get virus amid secure vulnerability your Internet browser.

The malicious software captures all the activity at your palmtop computer and among other things it is informed about coockie of the portals which you visit.

And the main benefit of that malicious program is that it can power selfie camera and remove all the Contacts from yours mail box.

And moreover I get login to yours mail and social networking platform.

So I own video and snap shots on which you masturbate and in the all together.

In a case if you don’t want the content to be issued and to be sent to all your mates family members I suggest you the next solution of you problem.

You have to deliver dispatch to my Bitcoin wallet 15oqQCHhUqVWwwQs92o3NfpGqi3jToarDG 450 USD in BTC.

After receipt of cash I m going to destroy black book on you and you would never again remember about me.

Otherwise if I don’t receive the sum of money within 23 hours after opening that letter I will deliver all this dirtyblack book on you to yours family members and workmates and at the same time through social media platforms for overall estimation of yours actions.

P.S. My English isn’t far from good because I am not native speaking but you have an opportunity to understand me.

Be so kind and and don’t give an answer to this mailbox I will never login to it again.

Do you believe this to be a scam?
Please let me know ASAP. is the email of the scammer.

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