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i received the following one day ago. Is it also a scam?

Do not mind on my English, Im from Japan.I loaded our virus onto your OS.At present I pilfered all personal data from your OS. Withal I got slightly more compromising.The most interesting evidence that I received- its a record with your wanking.I adjusted deleterious soft on a porn site and after you installed it. As soon as you decided with the video and clicked on a play, my malicious software instantly set up on your device.

After setup, your front-camera made the record with you masturbating, in addition software saved precisely the porn video you masturbated on. In next week my malware found all your social media and email contacts.

If you want to destroy all the evidence- transfer me 570 euro in BTC(cryptocurrency).
It is my Bitcoin address – 1A4WJd9MX76WFuu6CsYZonFoPW6h3Pyd2R

You have 30 h. to go after reading. As soon as I see transfer I will destroy the evidence evermore. Other way I will send the tape to all your colleagues and friends.

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