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This is a complete fake scam – I also received the same email – the reason I know it is just a scam and the sender of the email is lying – is that they did not record anything, they did not activate my webcam, as I do not have a webcam to activate.

This message is fake, ignore it.

However, I can see the fear and disgusting invasion of privacy this email hints at -blackmail – nasty. So I had to write.

Cover up laptop / webcam screen with tape or close laptop lid if using external monitor.

Do all usual safety checks (anti-virus) – log out of ALL other sites (like FB) you don’t want to accidently share now do you?

Never, ever pay anyone who issues such threats – even if it could be true (this one was not)- they wont delete your data after you pay (even if they have it) – they have no feedback system so they have no reason to work on deleting it:) They are already lowlifes – so they will just say – price increased, pay again.

There is no gain in releasing anything – this is based on fear – not action – mostly they don’t have anything of worth anyway – and if you don’t pay – they are not interested in actually releasing it. (that does not pay the criminal bills and leaves a potential trail to be caught)

If you pay – you will be targeted – relentlessly.

If you pay – you create more bad guys doing it.

So what, if all your contacts see you having private fun – most will be in horror that they may have been recorded when they were doing the same and will take little notice of your liberal life 🙂

Stay safe – stay smart and don’t let these people intimidate you.

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