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Hi. So I got this email with the subject ‘a good lesson for you (insert name):

Your notebook computer was attacked by the detrimental file .

Whats going down?

I set my malware on a porno Internet resource, you pressed this info and immediately adjusted the malware to your gadget .

The badware made your front-facing camera making video in such a way I own a video record with you chaturbating.

In next 4 hours this badware copied all your contact information.

t the moment, I capture all your info and videorecord with you chaturbating, so in a case if you desire me to shut down all the contacts pay me 386 dollars in BTC cryptocurrency.

In other circumstances I will forward the videotape to all your acquaintance .

I send you mine Bitcoin wallet – 1Gjam4a7LXNntGtukRMSoiDycYpbsuvGj2 You have 25 hours after reading. In a case if I obtain transaction I would undo the videotape forever.

I ask pardon for many grammar- English is not my native language .
P.S. this mail address, I have plundered hobbled it.
Don’t answer to this letter. It is temporary email address!

This is definitely scam right?

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