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I have just received one of these emails in a very similar format, posted below. Has anybody had any fallout from ignoring these or can it be safely deleted?


Your system was monitored by the damnific program.
I will explain.
I installed our malware on a porn page, you clicked on the videotape and instantly downloaded the malware to your device.
The malicious soft started your web cam recording so I got the record with you wanking. In next 9 minutes my malicious soft collected all contacts from your device.
Finally, I got all your data and record with you self-abusing, so if you desire me to eliminate all the evidence – transfer me 405 united states dollar in bitcoin. Differently I will forward the record to all your colleagues and friends.

It is my Btc number – 1EPb7SBVWtWvrc1ZD3Maukdhdp71z1xBwL

You have 24 hours to go from this moment. If I receive transaction I will destroy the private info evermore.
Im sorry for my English- Im foreign.
Dont try to track this e-mail, I have stolen it.

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