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Hi all, I received one of these emails this morning. It’s practically the same format as the others with just minor details changed. I’ve copied the full email below but can anyone advise if there have been any follow ups or video releases? I know it is clearly SPAM and I am expecting the answer to be no, but I do note that the emails posted in here were done so within the given deadline timeframe without further update or confirmation. Can someone put my mind at ease that nothing came of this? Thanks

Time is running ___ TuORTq MoCEqxDU inD fXOiAo KUHDQwmyG XfbtSXLJwuaA

Good morning
Your device is monitored by our malware…
Whats the trouble?
I put our malware on a porn web page, you tapped on the video and at once installed this damnific program to your system.
My malicious soft made your front cam shooting so I got the video with you masturbating. In next 2 hours this malicious soft collected all contacts from your device.
So, I have all your privy info and record with you wanking, so if you desire me to eliminate all the compromising – transfer me 395 usd in BTC(cryptocurrency). Otherwise I will forward the tape to all your colleagues and friends.

It is my Bitcoin wallet address – 147pQsX2F1qzEYScSKT8SoGdeqPgFoyWyT

You have 30 h. to go since now. If I get transfer I will erase the private data permanently.
Im apologize for my grammar- Im from China.
this mail address, it was stolen by me.

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