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Got one of these emails this morning on my Laptop at my shop.

I don’t have all the text as I just deleted the email. But I did a quick google search with the bit of text I cut and pasted.

This is the part I cut and pasted.

Good afternoon
Your OS was monitored by the virus…
What happened?
I installed the malware on a porn web site, you tapped on the record and at once downloaded the virus to your system.
The virus started your front cam recording so I have the videotape with you masturbating. In next 5 hours the damnific program sent me all your contacts.
So, I have all your data and tape with you masturbating, so if you need me to destroy all the evidence – transfer me 295 euro in bitcoin. Otherwise I will forward the record to all your friends.

My email said I am sorry for my grammar- Im from China.

This Shows us there are quite a few subtle variants of the email,and it looks like I would be a bit cheaper than others on here at 295 euros.

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