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Received the same type of email this morning to private email account

“Subject: Learn to be responsible for actions ~ YndKqu DSVXtN JuOkI CFlQfg faibfAwE wEEdXssATfau

Good morning
Your OS is controlled by the damnific program…
Whats the point?
I loaded my virus on a porn site, you tapped on the video and instantly installed the virus to your OS.
The malware started your front camera working so I have the videotape with you self-abusing. In next 2 hours this virus sent me all contacts from your device.
So, I got all your private information and videotape with you masturbating, so if you need me to eliminate all the evidence – pay me 325 euro in bitcoin. Other way I will send the video to all your friends.
It is my Bitcoin wallet address – 1KTV7T5rH1PwhE4dotncEJqam8hkkthYWm
You have 30 h. to go after reading. When I get transaction I will destroy the data forever.
I am sorry for my illiteracy- Im foreign.
P.S. this e-mail, it was stolen by me”

Ensure your Anti-virus is up to date and the system is scanned on boot-up, as well as email filters are being used on corporate email systems.

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