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We even got one arrive today in our work email account!

Subject: Do not panic __ eUeXiS tLUaxBOZbuiR PvKgzP kNzCGkZmi XHOwoWXOUQuB

Good afternoon
Your device is managed by the damnific program.
What happened?
I loaded the malware on a porn web site, you tapped on the record and immediatly downloaded the malware to your system.
My damnific program made your front camera shooting so I got the record with you self-abusing. In next 8 minutes my virus captured all your contacts.
To sum up, I got all your private information and video with you self-abusing, so if u desire me to eliminate all the compromising – send me 329 usd in BTC(cryptocurrency). Other way I will forward the video to all your contacts.

It is my Btc address – 1PqtRX6VLMnPZBHx4SKPECLe3tmDkGuJKx
You have 27 h. to go from this moment. As soon as I receive transfer I will destroy the evidence in perpetuity.
I am sorry for my grammar- Im from France.
Dont try to track this mail address, I have stolen it.

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